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Help Giant’s Causeway Earn the “Best UK Heritage Attraction” Award: Vote Before September 30th at

No, that’s not Legoland! Those hexagonal stone rods pushed up through the earth make up Giant’s Causeway on the Antrim Coast of Northern Ireland. Giant’s Causeway can be seen, touched, walked on, sat on, romped around, hiked through, and enjoyed by people who just want to find their happy place and sit in the sunshine or enjoy a romantically misty day  listening to the sounds of the sea splashing against the miles of endless rocks, smell the fresh salty air and feel the mist of the sea embrace their faces.

I have visited Giant’s Causeway on just about every trip I’ve made to Ireland going back to my very first trip long before there was a bus running down to the spot where the Giant’s Organ, a rock formation that looks like the pipes of an organ, soaring about 30 feet, maybe more, into the air, creates the barrier for vehicles to pass. The first time I visited Giant’s Causeway, there was no visitors’ center and we were able to drive our rental car down the road that you can either walk or take the bus if you prefer.

Giant’s Causeway was the first place I ever saw the color sea foam green in nature and can verify that the color we associate with the name “sea foam green” is actually that color.  As the sea’s waves crash against the rocks of Giant’s Causeway,  the aeration of the water against the rocks results in sudsy bubbling foam that looks like bubble bath.  It’s great fun to get close enough, to walk out to a sheltered inlet along the coastline at Giant’s Causeway, to be able to safely reach into the sea foam and enjoy a bit of the giant Finn McCool’s ‘bathtub!” Have a look:

Doesn’t that look delicious! It looks like a swirling whirlpool of whipped cream tinged pale, pale green!  Ah, sea foam! You gotta love it!

Giant’s Causeway is the only UNESCO Heritage Site in Northern Ireland and the kind of place that makes an amazing impact on the heart, soul, mind of every visitor!  If you’ve been there once, you’ll be drawn back again and again and this Antrim Coast attraction takes on a different look every day and at every hour of the day as the sun moves in the sky, as the weather shifts from clear and sunny to gray, overcast and misty.  When you visit, bring along a book you love and settle in to just sit, read, enjoy and experience what it is like to be in a place that is completely other-worldly!

You can vote for Giant’s Causeway in the British Travel Awards competition and you can vote once with each email address that you have (although there is a limit as to how many emails addresses you can use but you’ll find out when you hit the limit!).  The competition ends on September 30th so you need to get on top of this.  The other three UK attractions are: Sterling Castle in Sterling, Scotland; Edinburgh Castle in Edinburgh, Scotland; and the Tower of London.  All three are man-made and, while steeped in history, they really can’t hold a candle to this natural wonder of the world.  Interestingly, I’ve been to each of the other three semi-finalists and have visited each more than once. While they each hold their special significance, none of the others has the magical, mystical, incredible impact in such a personal way that Giant’s Causeway has connecting with visitors and why that is so defies description. . . and that’s why you need to plan to go and visit!

And when you go to Giant’s Causeway, within minutes driving on the Antrim Coast Road you’ll arrive, west and east of that attraction, at Dunluce Castle, digitally dropped into the Caribbean as Johnny Depp’s castle in Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl; Ballintoy Harbour, the quarry there, Dark Hedges . . .all nearby spots where Game of Thrones is filmed; Bushmill’s Distillery and tour ending with their famous ‘Tasting Room” experience; and, for the golfers in your traveling party, the Royal Portrush Golf Club! And, if you’re into beaches, travel westward a tiny bit further and visit Port Stewart Beach and be sure to have a bite and a pint at Harry’s Shack, right on the beach, with great food and a million dollar view! And if you think California beaches are something special, wait until you get to Port Stewart Beach in Derry, Northern Ireland, just down the road a piece!

Tell all your friends to vote for Giant’s Causeway and tell them to tell all of their friends so we can join hands across the ocean and help this amazing attraction get the recognition it deserves as the Best UK Heritage Attraction for 2016!

There are 2 places you can go and vote: where you’ll need to find the spot to vote for Best UK Heritage Attraction  OR this link will take you directly to the Giant’s Causeway page at the voting site:

Thanks for helping! Remember that September 30, 2016 is the last date to vote!!

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