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Kilkenny Ireland’s Newpark Hotel’s Brochure & Website Only Show One Exterior Photo Making You Think This is Where You Will Stay!

What if I showed you a brochure for a 4-star hotel in Ireland and a corresponding website for that hotel where the only exterior photo shown was of a very impressive castle? Would you assume that that is the building where your hotel rooms are being booked? I wouldn’t fault YOU if you made that assumption.

What if you wanted to stay in a hotel that looked like the photo above but when you arrived, while the interior rooms were lovely, would you feel cheated if the hotel looked like a modern building?

One of my radio listeners brought her experience at the Newpark Hotel in Kilkenny to my attention yesterday and I have to tell you that I’m quite upset by the brassiness of these folks to present a brochure and website that is so misleading to the traveler who has never been there to know better!

I’m really disgusted by the sleazy marketing approach that leaves the traveler with the impression that the beautiful interior rooms shown in their brochure and online do not lie inside the gorgeous castle they have  featured and promoted on the cover of the hotel’s 12 page full-color brochure. You’re going to be knocked out by this story!

Here are the facts followed by the punch line so don’t stop reaching until you get to the moral of this story!

It’s not unusual to see a brochure for a 4-star hotel in Ireland that looks like a castle, manor house or rook in a chess game.  Such is the look of the edifice that is featured on the cover of a 12 page brochure about Ireland’s Newpark Hotel, located in Kilkenny.  If you go to and click on the link for Newpark Hotel, you’ll see that same historic, majestic castle building on the home page for the hotel. Note that the photo of the castle they features is not  the exterior of where you’ll be staying!

Inside the 12 page full-color brochure for the Newpark Hotel, there are no other photos of the hotel’s exterior itself, not on the cover nor inside the brochure!  On the cover, the top 60%  of the page is devoted to the castle and then there’s a gold line across the cover page.  The rest of the page names the hotel, its location, displays 4 gold stars and indicates that this little brochure is your “Guide to The Newpark” a place for your ‘escape Health Club and Spa.”

On the website for the Newpark Hotel, you will see big banner featured images scrolling across which focus on beautiful interior photos of the hotel but the only exterior photo is that of  Kilkenny Castle showing the view from the back which features the castle in an L-shape and is present among other local attractions and named in captions to indicate there are sights to see nearby. These photos are located in their online “gallery.” The front of Kilkenny Castle is not shown in the website’s gallery of photos at the hotel’s site. If the front of Kilkenny Castle were shown, you’d notice at once the incredible similarity between that castle and the hotel’s (erroneous) facade featured prominently on the home page of the website and their brochure.

So the other shoe is about to fall!

NOTE: the cover photo of the brochure, and the only photo of a building in the entire 12 page brochure, and the banner image feature that drift across the home page of the website for Newport Hotel in Kilkenny, Ireland is not the image of the  hotel at all but clearly gives those looking at the material the erroneous impression that that gorgeous castle is where they will be staying if they book the Newpark Hotel! The photo being displayed that one would logically conclude is the hotel is actually Kilkenny Castle, an historic attraction in Ireland! Repeat: that singular photo in their brochure on the title page is NOT the hotel; it’s a museum castle property you can visit while in Kilkenny!  The Newpark Hotel has a contemporary modern façade and, while the interior looks very attractive, the romantic, fairytale ambiance of Kilkenny Castle, if that’s what you are looking for during your stay in Ireland, is not what you are going to get when you arrive at the O’Flynn’s Newpark Hotel in Kilkenny!

I have to tell you that if I booked into the Newpark Hotel in Kilkenny thinking I was getting to stay at that beautiful castle and found that it’s just another modern hotel, I’d throw a hissy-fit! I have met one of the owners of the hotel group that owns this hotel and a few other hotels  in Ireland and, frankly, this prank does not really surprise me given my experience with one of the Flynn brothers at the hotel he oversees but it does disgust me!

People, if you’re going to Ireland, talk with a bona fide travel agent who specializes in Ireland before you get fooled into booking into  what you’re not looking for! If you’re looking for a contemporary modern experience inside and out, maybe the Newpark Hotel will do it for you but if you think you are entering a fairytale at the Newpark Hotel, the jolt to your senses as you approach the actual hotel will be significant and, if you’re like me, you’ll feel like a complete fool that you fell for their deception  since you won’t be checking into Kilkenny Castle!

You’ll find me in my  study or my snug, a small spot conducive to creative thinking and a spot you can often find in real castles in Ireland,  for the next 2 weeks so I can finish my first travel guide, “1001 Reasons to Visit Ireland!” which is clearly sorely needed by travelers to Ireland in order to keep travels on a path that leads to nothing but perfect travel days and nights.  Life manages to get in the way of my time daily so I’m going to step off the merry-go-round and whip what needs to be done into final shape  to get my guide off to my publisher pronto! Clearly, travelers need a guide they can count on!

It’s so unusual to find, especially in Ireland, a clearly forged message designed to misguide the traveler. That is so “NOT IRISH!” I’m truly distressed by what my radio shows fan reported about her experience at the Newpark Hotel and there’s more to the downhill experience her family had there  but the cheesy approach to misrepresenting the property cannot be excused on any level.  But I’ve had my own less-than-pleasant experience with one of the brother’s in the family that owns the Newpark Hotel and this stunt is in keeping with my memories of that meeting.

You know I can’t leave this alone! I will be reaching out to them and others in Ireland and Irish tourism to get this misrepresentation of this hotel corrected. But you can do your own little experiment in the meantime.Have a look at the castle shown on the home page of the Newpark Hotel and then look at Kilkenny Castle! What do you think?

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