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Walk Thru the Facts About Bowe Bergdahl’s AWOL Story Before You Jump to Conclusions!

I wrote this blog in response to an email I received about Bowe Bergdahl and his unique travels that wound up with him being captured by the Taliban resulting in his spending five years incarcerated on the other side of the world under torturous conditions. The email was critical of Bergdahl being in line to receive back pay amounting to $300,000usd. Think before you rush to judgment!

From a travel point of view, can you imagine being anywhere worse and experiencing what came next which includes his unit’s anger and harsh comments about how they feel about his defection in light of the effort of his unit to find him and some being injured and killed in that process? Maybe they don’t know what could be the whole story which had to be played out as if the story is what exactly what you see on the surface. But, just maybe there is a lot more to this story that is classified and we won’t know for  decades or in our lifetime!

Think about this:

The US Military doesn’t take lightly to people who abandon their post.

In general, court martials are swift and soldiers await their hearings in while incarcerated.

Bowe Bergdahl was brought home, given a desk job under his own recognizance for more than three years now.

He was given no sentence, dishonorable discharge and is scheduled to receive back pay.

Those are the facts.

What’s missing in this story?

I predicted that he’d get off with a tap on the hand. Why?

How about just maybe he was on one of those mission impossible missions to infiltrate the enemy where, if captured, the US would deny any  knowledge of what he was up to.

What if he’s a hero taking it on the chin to keep the secrecy of the mission he was sent out on and now has the nation’s opinions dumping further insult to his injury for which he is soldiering up to continue the mystery of why he was out  there in the first place.

How about you see the film “ARGO,” the true story of how the Canadians were given credit for saving our US Embassy personnel in Iran when, in fact, it was an undercover US mission but we just couldn’t take credit for it at the time. Once declassified, the facts of the case were made public and then made into a film which I hope you see.

Don’t be so quick to jump to conclusions. The US Military is tougher and US Military courts are tougher than the public sector of law in the US so if he’s getting the treatment you are now seeing, just maybe the people making the decisions are on the inside track to information that can’t and won’t, anytime soon, be made public.

My father’s words to me when I was barely 4  years old ring in my ears: “Believe half of what you see and a quarter of what you hear and you’ll be all right!”

Do some re-evaluating of this story, step by step, of the special treatment offered to Bergdahl before you jump to any conclusions. I saw the handwriting on the wall for this dismissal from the military way back when they gave him a desk job instead of keeping him in jail until his trial. Who would do that for  a deserter?? No deserter stories I’ve ever heard were treated with such kid gloves which makes me think of  all of those “Mission Impossible” stories.

Give it another thought before you dump more on this guy who, more than likely, is quite a hero! Hard to accept that thought but  those in a position to punish him properly up and down the line have given this GI careful treatment. That’s not the temperament of US Military officers who take abandoning one’s post very seriously.

Think about it carefully and don’t just jump to what seems like should be the “logical” conclusion that everybody in the military is just ’soft’ and ’soft-hearted’ ’cause it ain’t necessarily so!’

--Gotta Fly Now!sm
Your Personal Travel Expert
Nationally syndiated radio show host
Stephanie Abrams

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