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Great News! Travel WITH Stephanie Abrams Now Reaches 90 Million Subscribers to iHeart Radio
June 17th, 2018

BizTalkRadio Network’s Executive Vice President,  Scott Miller, and VP of Programming, Kelly  Kantz, have announced that Travel WITH Stephanie Abrams and the programming of BizTalkRadio Network are now available to the 90 million subscribers to iHeart Radio and iHeart Media carrying the programming live! Travel WITH Stephanie Abrams, which debuted on BizTalkRadio’s predecessor BusinessTalkRadio Network, on July 7, 2002, starts its 17th year on the air coast-to-coast on terrestrial radio July 1, 2018 broadcasting live in the 6-9pm ET  time slot in all time zones through affiliate radio stations  and simulcast online at and, now iHeart Radio!

Travel WITH Stephanie Abrams is exclusively about travel of all kinds including leisure, pleasure, groups, special interest travel, sports travel, family travel, business travel including incentive trips, conferences, conventions and meetings and focuses on travel domestically and globally, has grown from “one-show-one-hour” to two (2) shows, since the debut of Traveling Feet in 2005 which underwent a name change in 2010 to ‘Travelers411,’ with each show presenting 3 hours of new programming each weekend that are podcast for a year and archived with show notes, Directory features, Forums features and more “forever” at and

In February, 2018, Travel TV WITH Stephanie Abrams debuted across America on TV. Episodes of Travel TV WITH Stephanie Abrams are archived online at with commercials and at a YouTube Channel commercial-free.

Travel TV WITH Stephanie Abrams Broadcasts 10th Episode to 40 Million Households on BizTV Network!
April 29th, 2018

After each nationally syndicated television broadcast on BizTV Network coast-to-coast and in Hawaii (!) of Travel TV WITH Stephanie Abrams, each show is archived, commercial free at YouTube. It’s quite incredible that we have created, produced, broadcast and archived the first 10 episodes of Travel TV WITH Stephanie Abrams since the February 4th’s debut of our show about Malta!  You’ll find a link at the top of each page at to Travel TV!   I hope you’ll watch all of them and enjoy them as much as we enjoyed producing them! These first 10 episodes of Season 1 (yes, there will be more!)  are displayed below. . . and we’ve only just begun! Have a look and enjoy!











Stay tuned for more!

And if there’s anyplace you’re interested to know more about, let me know by leaving me a message at Ask Stephanie at in our FORUMS and we’ll do our best to bring you features on those places!

Sneak Preview of “Kudos to Kinsale,” Episode 10 of Travel TV WITH Stephanie Abrams Online at
April 29th, 2018

It is with great joy, pride and excitement that we present for your education and motivation to get up and go to Kinsale, County Cork, Ireland, Episode 10 of Travel WITH Stephanie Abrams titled, “Kudos to Kinsale.” This will debut on TV to 40 million households next Sunday, May 13th, at 5pm ET and broadcast from Boston to Florida, from Miami to the Pacific Northwest, in Los Angeles, Dallas, Houston, and all the way to Honolulu and Maui! You can see a commercial-free showing at our YouTube Travel Channel if you go to the top of the page at and just to the left of the SEARCH box click on Travel TV! This episode includes the sunniest, loveliest day, February 27, 2018, in Kinsale followed by the Invasion of the Beast from the East, the snowstorm that hit Ireland that night and into February 28th. Two seasons in Ireland in 24 hours. . .spring and winter in that order! Have a look and be sure to sign up FREE to be a subscriber to our YouTube video offerings.There are 10 shows posted there now and 5.3 of them are about wonderful places in Ireland that you need to know about. The stars of this episode are Hal McElroy/Trident Hotel right on the waterfront in Kinsale and Martin Shanahan, owner of the wonderful restaurant just down the block from the Trident Hotel, Fishy Fishy! Make some popcorn and pull up a comfy chair. . .and enjoy!

The Philadelphia-Nashville Tourism Connector
April 22nd, 2018

I’m not a coffee drinker but you might find me in a Starbucks getting a Diet Coke to wash down and destroy the calories in a fat-laden blueberry muffin. Didn’t you know that? Oh, yes! There are rituals that will cancel or destroy calories in anything! Break a cookie before you eat it and some of the calories, at least half of them, will fall out in the process. Eat anything heavily caloric and then have a Diet Coke and it will cancel out the calories. That’s the secret to my diet regimen. And one of my other rules when I’m traveling is, when the plane lands, the first place I head for, if there’s one within fifty miles, is a Waffle House. Waffles, eggs and crispy bacon. I’m salivating now. But today, the Waffle House in Nashville, a major tourism attraction, and the Starbucks in Philadelphia, the city that gives lip-service to it’s motto as being the City of Brotherly Love where everybody may love everybody except the Brothers who live there, comes to mind in vivid colors of my imagination.

Two vibrant and important destinations for domestic and international travelers, Philadelphia and Nashville, are in the news now. My author’s mentality brings me to look at current events through a fictional lens (and btw: read my novel, RUMORS!). . .

So let us look at the facts and then take a walk through my author’s imagination:

Fact: An African-American in Nashville is clearly responsible for saving not just his own life, as he’d like us to believe was his motive for tackling and disarming the shooter who took four lives and would have taken more with the AR-15 he was using, but for saving the rest of the patrons in the Waffle House, the last place on earth you’d expect to hear anything other than the sound of forks and knifes clattering against dishes and chatter and giggling, happy people filling their bellies with the best comfort food available.  The nation thanks James Shaw, Jr. , whatever his motives, for doing the right thing and putting himself, while trying to save his own life as he explains it, in the line of fire and in the most danger resulting in saving his life, yes, but also saving the lives of those still living, in the seconds that it took the maraude to pop out life-ending bullets.

Now let’s imagine:

Let’s imagine that the mentality of the staff at the Starbucks in Philadelphia was the mentality of the staff at this particular Nashville’s Waffle House. Let us imagine that James Shaw, Jr. sauntered in, sat down, decided to use the men’s  room before he ordered and the police were call to extricate him from the Waffle House because he was considered to be a “loiterer” and undesirable and knowing that the police were called, James left the establishment. Let us imagine that James said to his companions, as Moses said to those in Egypt, “Let’s get the flock out of here!” and they left. The staff in this imaginary establishment in Nashville called the  police back to tell them they didn’t need to come because the menacing men had left but, ironically, it’s a pity they weren’t on the way because, within minutes of James Shaw, Jr.’s exit, Travis Reinking, a mythical person in this imaginary tale, arrives with his AR-15, massacres everyone in sight as there’s no one to stop him.

There are heroes who walk among us. And there are evil ones as well.

There are lessons to be learned from examining the “what-if’s” of these two food establishments, very different in story and outcome, but with morals to the story of each and morals to the fictional version of “what if James Shaw, Jr. had been removed by management because they didn’t like his face.” You never know who is the hero among us.

If you think you can tell by their height, weight, clothes they are wearing or the color of their skin, the language that they speak,or  the way they comb their hair, who are the devils and who are sent by angels to help us, then guess again.

Mamma raised you good, James Shaw, Jr. You may think that you, in this moment, acted selfishly, but I”m here to tell you  that when the moment of truth was before you, doing the right thing kicked into action and the people around you were so lucky that you were there.

Saint-Exupery, author of many writings in French but most popularly known for the story, “The Little Prince,  was a decorated WWII pilot as well. In one of his essays which I read in French in college, his message was clear and stuck with me and came to mind today when I heard James Shaw, Jr., in the most humble manner, tell the audience assembled and watching on TV that he is not a hero and was acting selfishly.

James, if you don’t read French, get a translation of St.-Ex’s essay about heroism. Saint-Exupery was praised for his heroism as a WWII pilot but he said, loosely translated here, that when the moment befalls you when it’s clear that you must act, you just act. You do what needs to be done without thought of personal safety, consequences, good or bad, or praise in the aftermath for your actions.  It is only after you’ve done what you know must be done and what you know you are capable of doing that the moments in which our actions took place are elevated to “Acts of Heroism.” Antoine de Saint-Exupery never thought of himself as a hero.

My father was awarded an impressive display of medals for his military service. Among his medals, framed and placed in a focal spot in my home, are his Silver Star and Bronze Star and Purple Heart and more. He never thought of himself as a hero either.

When you put yourself at risk and your actions save the lives of others, no matter what your personal interpretation or thought process, know that the positive results are the result of heroism, even if it doesn’t fit your own definition.

Bravo to you, James Shaw, Jr. I’m glad you were in Nashville in a spot that was divinely planned for you to be in, and that you were not harmed in the process of doing an amazing Good Deed.  We can only hope there’s another lesson in Brotherly Love to be learned from your actions.

And here’s a little travel tip. . . When I fly to Florida and we take a late flight that lands at 10pm or 11pm, we get our rental car and head straight for the closest Waffle House! There’s nothing like ending the night of  travel with a good breakfast. Yum! You have to wonder about the psyche of someone who would target such a feel-good place in such a heinous way.

While we are busy examining how to make America safe for everyone to be in the most innocent of places, we need to be focused on looking into the eyes of those we live with, go to school with, work with and look for ways to reach those in a dark place to identify and deal with the dark thoughts and plans festering inside them before they erupt in the most heinous ways in the most special places. We have a huge populations so the number of people off their rails is larger than a small country would have. But how to we identify these people and shape them up or direct them to places that can before they erupt into the insane, disturbing and sobering sources of evil? Fixing the gun situation needs to be accompanied by a serious plan to fix the people who seek to destroy innocent others.

Add to your list of “Must Do Today” the reminder to spread a little love and kindness around. When we leave those on the fringes on the fringes, they appear to burst back into the center in completely unacceptable ways. Aside from keeping them from weapons of massive destruction, maybe we can redirect their anger and evil thoughts and plans. That’s worth thinking about too.

Stephanie Abrams’ Concept of “Castle Hopping” is Theme of Travel TV on April 8th
April 8th, 2018

Travel Expert Stephanie Abrams at Blarney Castle

Today’s “Travel TV WITH Stephanie Abrams” will broadcast coast to coast and in Hawaii on TV syndicaed  by Biz TV. You can see it archived at our YouTube channel as well! And, I just learned that my shows are also available on

Amazon Fire Stick and Roku! Today’s show, Episode 8, is called “Castle Hopping!”

When you wake up in the morning in Ireland, have a hearty full-Irish breakfast of eggs, bacon, sausages, baked beans, grilled mushroom, roasted tomatoes, roasted potatoes, Irish soda bread and maybe enjoy munching your way through the cold buffet table covered with fresh Irish creamery yogurt, fruit, cereals, freshly baked breads and pastries first, and you stop at a few castles, one mid-morning, like Blarney Castle (ab0ve) in Co. Cork , one midday, like Bunratty Castle in Co. Clare. . .

and then stop in the afternoon  at Limerick’s King John Castle before your sightseeing day comes to an end. . .

. . . you just might get the feeling, as I did,  of getting hit with snow after leaving a sauna if you check into a chic and trendy contemporary hotel like ‘the g’ hotel in Galway!

Hotels like ‘the g’ in Galway Town, pictured above, are among some of the trendy and marvelously contemporary hotels in Ireland that I love. In that group of my favorites are The Beacon, in Sandyford, Co. Dublin, The Morgan in Temple Bar in Dublin Town, currently closed for massive renovation but re-opening in June this year,  ‘the twelve’ in Barna (Bearn in Irish), Co. Galway, and the Trident in Kinsale which is more serene in its sea foam atmosphere sitting as close to the Atlantic as you can get in Kinsale, Co. Cork.

But when I”ve been visiting castles, like King John’s Castle in Limerick whose foundation was built by the Normans, and Bunratty Castle built in 1425, it is jarring at the end of a day to walk into the 21st century without a transitional period! To me, it’s like have won-ton soup followed by Nachos Supreme. The experience jars the body and spirit. . .at least I found out  that that is my reaction!

So I devised a plan that works for me! When I’m doing things like going to arts festivals, going to the races, visiting museums of art, experiencing live performances of music, dance, and plays, wonderful contemporary hotels fit in magically. But when I’m Castle Hopping, visiting historic castles by day, I love to stay in the genre by staying at castle and manor house historic hotels and mansions reflective of comfort,  style, and romantic gilded age focus on the concept of living richly.

The first time the term “Castle Hopping” came into  being was about a dozen years ago during the eight year period that I was a sponsor of the NYTimes  Travel Show at the Javitts Center in NYC. I was planning one of the two travel seminars that I gave at each show and decided to explore the idea of talking about stepping in the era of castles and staying in that period by day and night visiting museum castle during the day and staying at castle hotels at night. While I coined this term, and gave ‘Castle Hopping’ seminars yearly during that period  that were highly publicized by the NYTimes related to the NYTimes Travel Show, I’ve noticed that others involved in creating information about travel have done what one calls in the military “Midnight Requisitioning” an have hijacked the term for description of their own tours and guides to travel. Regrettably, no one has credited me with inventing the term and I”m actually quite flattered that they latched on to it . . .with my gracious approval. . . as it’s a concept worth promoting. But when you see “Castle Hopping” used somewhere, think of me!

And especially think of me as you enjoy Season 1 Episode 8 of Travel TV WITH Stephanie Abrams tonight at 5pmET (count backwards across America coast to coast in your time zone including in Hawaii!) titled “Castle Hopping!” Check your local listings and, if you’re in a market we are not reaching on TV, know that you can watch it live at BizTV if you join BizClub (they’ll give you 30 days free to try it out!) Also, we post all shows, commercial-free, at YouTube and you can subscribe FREE to our YouTube channel.

Today’s show visits: Ireland’s Clontarf Castle, Fitzpatrick Castle, Powerscourt House & Gardens,Kilronan Castle, Bunratty Castle,  Birr Castle, and we’ll visit Ashford Castle by way of learning about the making of the film, “The Quiet Man,” and taking a cruise on Lough Corrib to see Ashford from the back which can’t be seen well unless you’re on the lake! Come enjoy the journey with me. . .Slan! (go look that up! It may be your first lesson in Irish!).

Dutchess New York Focus of Episode 7 of Travel TV WITH Stephanie Abrams
March 29th, 2018

Sunday at 5pm ET, Travel TV WITH Stephanie Abrams will broadcast nationally  coast to coast and in Hawaii “Delightfully, Distinctly Dutchess,” Episode 7 of this series of travel shows! I hope you check local listings for time and stations. If there is no station in your market, please accept my suggestion that you join BizClub at where you’ll have an opportunity to see all the shows broadcast by the network. There’s a 30-day free trial period so you can ease into getting to know the network and see my shows. Note that we post after show after it broadcasts at my YOUTUBE Travel TV WITH Stephanie Abrams channel.Have a look and catch up on any past shows that you’ve missed since we went on the air last month in February!

Six New Episodes of Travel TV WITH Stephanie Abrams Archived & Indexed For Your Viewing Pleasure!
March 27th, 2018

The first six episodes of Travel TV WITH Stephanie Abrams are archived for  your viewing pleasure.  Click HERE to enjoy the shows now that have already broadcast to about 40 million households in America,  including Hawaii!

Here is the index of the most current to the oldest episodes of this fast-paced, savvy, informative programming providing insights in to great places to visit and tips for traveling richly! If you missed any on  BizTV this is your chance to see the shows now!

Episode     Title                                                                                                       Comments

6     Stephanie’s email Bag: Airplanes & Trains             Stephanie answers questions with info and tips on traveling efficiently

5     Celebrating Saint Patrick in Northern Ireland       Stephanie takes viewers to the Saint Patrick Centre in Co. Down.

4    Amtrak Adventures                                                       Stephanie explores travel from New York City’s Penn Station northward.

3    Stephanie’s email Bag & a Little Bit of Ireland        Stephanie answers viewers’ important travel questions.

2    Captivating Kerry                                                          From Limerick to the Dingle Peninsula and Killarney!

1    Magnificent Malta                                                         You are in for a treat! Malta is the place to learn to travel richly!

Celebrating Saint Patrick in Northern Ireland on “Travel TV WITH Stephanie Abrams!”
March 17th, 2018

Watch for Travel TV WITH Stephanie Abrams Episode #5, “Celebrating Saint Patrick in Northern Ireland,” broadcasting on BizTV Network affiliate TV stations coast-to-coast and in Hawaii this Sunday, March 18th in the 5pm ET zone time slot (count backwards for your time zone). After the show broadcasts, it will be archived at Stephanie’s YouTube channel where, currently, you will find the first 4 episodes archived, commercial-free. The St. Patrick Weekend show includes visits with: Dr. Tim Campbell, Director of the Saint Patrick Centre in Co. Down; Alan Simpson at BBC Radio Ulster; Patsy O’Kane, owner of Beech Hill Country House where US Marines and US Navy personnel were based in WWII; Neville McConachie, Supervisor of Visitors’ Experience at Giant’s Causeway, Co. Antrim, and Deborah Galloway, Director, Causeway Hotel at Giant’s Causeway.

Samantha Leslie, left, on her 40th birthday, with Stephanie Abrams at Castle Leslie for Sammy’s “white tie” gala event. Sammy’s tiara was a gift from

King George IV  to  Mrs. Fitzherbert. Upon her death, the tiara passed to her daughter, her granddaughter and then to her ‘Lady in Waiting,’ Lady Jane Leslie. Upon her death, the tiara ended up at Castle Leslie in a curio case and Sammy wore to her 40th birthday party gala soiree. All ladies were requested to wear tiaras. While Stephanie received many compliments on her beautiful tiara, it was bought at Target and retailed as a Disney princess accessory. Sh-h-h-h. Let’s not tell! It  really was gorgeous!

Here’s a Sneak Preview of First Episode of “Travel TV WITH Stephanie Abrams!
January 27th, 2018

You’re in for a treat! Have look!

Show airs from Boston to Los Angeles and from Oregon to Miami. . . check out a previous blog for a station near you on Sundays when it’s 5pm ET across the nation and all the way to Honolulu, Maui, Lanai and Molokai, from NYC to all over America syndicated by BizTV ! Have a SNEAK PEEK!

SUNDAYS AT 5pm ET, 4pmCT, 3pm MT, 2pm PT and Noon in Hawaii!

Check local listings for a station near you or scroll down to earlier blogs with lists of stations!

For those who do not have a TV station near you, we will post a link here for  future weekly shows!

I can’t wait to take you traveling with me!

TV Stations Broadcasting “Travel TV WITH Stephanie Abrams” Starting Feb. 4th Every Sunday at 5pm ET From East Coast to Hawaii!!
January 20th, 2018

This is so exciting! Here is the list of our TV affiliate stations from Boston to Miami to Los Angeles to Hawaii! Check to see what station you can pick up when you’re home and when you are traveling!

Every Sunday at 5pm ET, 4pm CT, 3pm MT, 2pm PT and at this time of year at Noon in Hawaii! Have a look at our list of tv station affiliates and plan to tune in!

major and marvelous markets we will be reaching nationwide!” Stephanie notes.

The stations on which “Travel TV WITH Stephanie Abrams” will debut include:

Call Letters DMA State
WBCF – TV 10.3 Florence AL
WBXM – TV 41.1 Montgomery AL
WBXA – TV 24.1 Birmingham AL
SWCOTV 31.1 Cortez CO
WBXJ – TV 43.1 Jacksonville FL
WPMF – 17 Miami FL
WSPF – TV 35.4 Tampa FL
WSWF TV 10 Orlando FL
WANN – 32.1 Atlanta GA
WBPI TV 49 Augusta GA
KITM – TV 2 Honolulu HI
WBXF – TV 28.1 Des Moines IA
KBAX -TV 27 Twin Falls ID
WBXC – TV 46.2 Champaign IL
KGPT – TV 26.9 Wichita KS
KBXS – TV 14.1 Shreveport LA
WFXZ – TV 24.1 Boston MA
K16CG – TV 16.5 Godahl MN
K23FO – TV 16.5 Jackson MN
K27FI – TV 16.5 Frost MN
TV 41.1 Granite Falls MN
TV 51.5 Alexandria MN
WOBV – TV 5 Starkville MS
W24EC – 24.2 Nags Head NC
WUBX – TV 31.2 Raleigh/Durham NC
KHMP – TV 2.2 Las Vegas NV
KRMF – TV 7.3 Reno NV
WMBQ – TV 13.1 debut date TBA New York NY
WCSN – TV 32.6 Columbus OH
SLTV – TV 28 Eugene OR
WLLC – 42.1 Nashville TN
KVQT 21.1 Houston TX
KAZD 55.6 Dallas TX
WYAT 40.1 Martinsville VA
Channel Master National US

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