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Dear Stephanie,

Thank you very much for sending me the CDs with your very interesting and wonderful program. Congratulations! And also thank you for making this very important promotion for our country.

We do not often have the chance to have five million interested Americans listening to one single program and giving us the chance to arouse public interest for our unique history and will to rebuild our country after the "Mauer".

You really became a very respected and admired ambassador to our common cause. We are proud to have you and your husband as friends and admirers of our history, tradition, culture and industrial development. Thank you everything you have done for Saxony1

Hope to see you one of these days in New York or Dresden or maybe Mexico

Best regards,


Alexander Prinz von Sachsen
Alexander Prince of Saxony (english version)

From Chris Payne, Manager, Corporate Communications Department, Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group, Inc

Dear Stephanie:

It has been a complete and thorough joy working with you. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know you over the past year, and my company is deeply indebted to you. read it>>

From Raj Sanghrajka, Vice President of Latin American Programs for Big Five Tours and Expeditions, on behalf of himself and Sunit Sanghrajka who is President of African Programs.

They were so pleased with the show on Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands that we did another show on South Africa on which Red Carnation Hotels was featured. read it>>

From Simon Newton-Smith, Vice President Sales, North America, South African Airways.

"When it comes to interviews, Stephanie, you are a true professional and I hope we have the chance to be on Business Talk Radio in the future." more>>


From Arnelle Kendell, VP of US Sales and Marketing for the international chain Red Carnation Hotels.

"I am very impressed by the content and direction of the “Travel with Stephanie Abrams' show” and feel that the high caliber of professionalism you exude coincides with what I am looking for in a media partner." more>>

From Catrina Sheiblein, Director of Marketing, Amtrak Vacations.

"Dear Stephanie, Thank you for allowing Amtrak Vacations the opportunity to participate in the 'Travel with Stephanie Abrams!' show. We truly enjoyed the experience and being able to share information about our unique vacation packages..." more>>

From Hans Bruland, Vice President and General Manager, The Hay Adams hotel, Washington, DC.

"It was very exciting to be a part of your program and to follow the Executive Director of Historic Hotels, Thierry Roch's commentary. I commend you efforts to provide travelers with a wealth of knowledge..." more>>

From David J. Hancock, Vice President, US Sales, SuperClubs.

"...The show was a great venue for discussing SuperClubs in general, but more importantly, it allowed me to focus on some of our fantastic upcoming promotions (i.e.e Epicurean weekend at Grand Lido Negril)..." more>>

From William R. Wilson, Jr., President and CEO of The Berkshires, America's Premiere Cultural Resort.

"Dear Stephanie...I appreciate the outstanding forum your show privided for me to share information about the Berkshires with a nationwide prime time audience...." more>>

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